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SLACK Lifestyle. Relax. You deserve it.
G’day everyone!
SLACK Lifestyle – the world’s most innovative relaxation furnishing, the ultimate lifestyle statement for urban relaxation, and is especially made for those who enjoy expressing individuality in today’s monotonic lifestyle.
Designed in Australia and Hong Kong. Inspired by the world.
Who we are
We are pioneers in creating a world of unique, versatile and innovative relaxation furnishing designs.
We pride ourselves in unique, innovative designs with high quality workmanship.
Our collections are dedicated to bringing the ultimate relaxation seating experience into homes, offices, schools, clubs and resorts around the world. We provide seating solutions to fit your needs, including designs in our SLACK Signature / Kids / Outdoor-Amphibious / Pets and Collaborations range.
Apart from our private clientele, we’ve been very fortunate to have the opportunity to work with clients from a wide range of sectors, including events organizers, interior design / architect agencies, PR firms, corporate office / co-working space, hotel-resorts, schools, universities, church organizations, special needs organizations, specialist clinics, international kids clubs, yachts-boating companies, and collaboration projects with other international brands such as Mumm, Chanel, Heineken.
Featured Collections
The drive behind SLACK Lifestyle relaxation furnishing.